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FairTrade-100x123.jpg One World Projects is a Green America Member, offering customers Wholesale and Retail Products that are good for the environment
All of our products are Fair Trade
Compassionate Trade Compassionate Trade
Eco-Positive Eco-Positive
Supporting Children Supporting Children
Recycled Recycled
Animal Friendly Animal Friendly
Organic Organic
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Our Mission

Through the formation of the Manifest Marketplace, the missions of both The Manifest Foundation and One World Projects. were expanded “to create viable economic alternatives for artisans and their families, and to expand the reaches of ethical and fair trade to include compassionate trade, which addresses the most pressing issues that face mankind today.” The focus is, has been and always will be firmly on the welfare of our artisans and their families.

In a collaborative effort, these goals are accomplished by importing jewelry, clothing, handbags, housewares, fashion accessories, toys and other gifts from artisans in 25 developing countries across Latin America, Asia and Africa, and then by redistributing those crafts to wholesale buyers and retail consumers across the United States. All of our items are handmade using sustainable methods and materials and fair trade imported, which means artisans are paid a fair and living wage for their work. Since 1992, our network has grown to include more than 11,000 artisans from different parts of the world.

We place a high priority on the following:


We consider all of our artisans to be partners, and believe our commitment to them goes beyond just paying a fair and ethical wage. As such, we work with them to provide educational and vocational training, generate product design ideas, help refine artistic and technical skills, ensure access to basic necessities and open new markets for artisan crafts. We also channel funds through some of our partners to provide necessary skills training or vitally needed infrastructure to strengthen their businesses.


We are committed to our trading partners. We always strive to go beyond the basic requirements of the Fair Trade Federation to establish long-term relationships, as well as economic and social programs that benefit the entire community, so that we can address global issues such as poverty, war, drug abuse, women's and children’s rights, education, healthcare, delinquency and environmental degradation and promote a spirit of peace.

Helping where it’s needed most

Each group we work with is unique. Our trading partners created their organizations to help the most disadvantaged people, many of whom are abandoned women and single mothers living in slums and refugee camps; living in a degree of poverty unimaginable to those of us in the West. Through fair trade practices, our partners are able to transform people's lives.


As the Manifest Marketplace develops, it is our intent to create voluntour trips to visit artisans that create the products we sell and perform community and/or recycling-oriented projects to improve their daily lives and economic stability.

It is also our goal to bring to the Manifest Marketplace products that are or will be created by the artisans we meet during our voluntour excursions.

Paying our way

At least 50 percent of the total cost of our product order is paid in advance, interest-free. This provides essential finance that artisans need to maintain constant production, and to enable them to continue meeting their needs for their next harvest or craft order.

One World Projects, Inc. is a certified member of the Fair Trade Federation, Green America, and the Aid to Artisan Trade Network.

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