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Accessories > Bags & Wallets > Cosmetic & Travel Bags > Indigo Sports Bag

Indigo Quilted Sports Bag Exterior Dimensions 9'' high x 15'' wide x 8'' diameter x 7'' double strap drop, Zipper Closure, in and outside pocket from El Salvador
Indigo Quilted Sports Bag
Exterior Dimensions 9'' high x 15'' wide x 8'' diameter x 7'' double strap drop, Zipper Closure, in and outside pocket
from El Salvador

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Las Azulinas - Handmade Indigo & Cotton Accessories
El Salvador

El Salvador has been home to some of the greatest civilizations of Mesoamerica; beginning with the Olmec civilization in 2,000 BC, and followed not long after by the Mayans. In 1522, the first Spaniards arrived, bringing with them disease that killed most natives and led to the eventual Spanish conquest and occupation.

The Spanish turned the landscape into plantations for growing balsam, cotton and indigo. For the next four centuries, El Salvador became the largest producer of Indigo which was used to die the fabric streaming out of the European textile factories.


In the early 1990s after decades of civil war that ravished El Salvador and its people, the United Nations intervened to negotiate a ceasefire between the FMLN, the revolutionary guerilla movement and the sitting regime.

Indigo Quilted Sports Bag
from El Salvador

Indigo Quilted Sports Bag
   Funds 18 meals


Take this gorgeous Quilted Indigo Bag to the Gym or to school. Use it for an extra bag when traveling or throw the kids toys in it and other essentials ... the uses are endless. This Indigo Quilted Sport Bag is handcrafted by Artisans in El Salvador at the artisan workshop known as Las Azulinas and is as unique as you are. It is tinted with a natural dye called Indigo. Show off your support for Fair Trade imports and help create a better world for everyone.

  • Exterior Dimensions 9" high x 15" wide x 8" diameter 
  • 7'' Double Strap Drop
  • Zipper Closure
  • One Outer and One Inner Open Pocket

Handmade and Fair Trade Imported from El Salvador.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive
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