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Body & Spirit > Incense > Boxed Set of Incense

Patchouli or Musk Incense in Decorative Boxes crafted by Artisans in India
Patchouli or Musk Incense in Decorative Boxes crafted by Artisans in India

Additional images:

Musk Incense in Bamboo Box Crafted by Artisans in India
Measures 9” high x 1-3/4” diameter, with 25 sticks
Patchouli Incense in Palm Leaf Box Crafted by Artisans in India
Measures 9-3/4” high x 1-1/2” wide x 1-1/2” deep, with 25 sticks
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SIPA - South Indian Producer Association - Incense


The South India Producers Association (SIPA) has been engaged with the issues of sustainability, livelihood, women empowerment, and artisan and craft promotion since 1986. It was conceived as a collective initiative for marketing and administering support to about 30 producers and artisan-based organizations across the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, and Karnataka in the southern part of India.

Boxed Set of Incense
from India

Incense in Palm Leaf Case
   Funds 4 meals


Incense in Bamboo Case
   Funds 4 meals


This incense is handmade by artisans from the SIPA (South India Producers Association) artisan cooperative in India. Each incense stick is hand-rolled using only natural essential oils and when lit will add an exotic fragrance to your surroundings. Choose from two fragrances: patchouli in a palm leaf case or musk in a bamboo case.

Patchouli is best known for its anti-depressant qualities, helping relieve stress and controlling anxiety. Patchouli's calming effect makes it great for those who meditate and it's a popular choice in temples for creating an aura of peace.

Musk is known for its deep, sweet, and powerful aroma and is considered to be sensual, masculine, and earthy. It is said the scent of musk helps increase will power and determination and therefore aids in focusing the mind and achieving deeper states of meditation. The musk essence used in the incense is from a plant source, and supports the cause of saving the endangered musk deer.

  • Each box measures 9-3/4” high x 1-1/2” wide x 1-1/2” deep
  • Each box comes with 25 incense sticks
  • Patchouli (in palm leaf case) and musk (in bamboo case)
  • Other fragrances are also available

Handmade in India and fair trade imported.

Animal Friendly Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive
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