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Body & Spirit > Skin & Hair Care > Passion Fruit Seed Oil

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Candela Peru Artisan Story

Madre de Dios, a mountainous area of pristine forests, is one of the poorest regions of Peru. The most lucrative industry here is the collection and processing of the Amazon (Brazil) nut into oils, candy and candles for export. Unfortunately, few producers are informed or rewarded for extracting the oil in a sustainable manner meaning the region's rates of rainforest destruction are almost as high as its poverty. 

Candela Peru is an alternative biotrade organization which began acting as a fair trade business in the brazil nut industry in 1989 in order to improve circumstances for this region of Peru.

If you would like to see a short video that tells more about Candela Peru and their work in the Amazon Rainforest please click on this link.

Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil

Organic Passion Fruit Oil


USDA Organic & Wild Harvested

Passion Fruit Seed Oil; Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil

This exceptionally emollient oil is packed with amazing benefits for all skin and hair types. High in antioxidants Passion Fruit Seed Oil is ideal for anti-aging and repairing dry or irritated skin. Passion Fruit Seed Oil is yellow in color and has a fruity scent that is wonderful for personal care products. While it has a light texture, it is exceptionally emollient and has benefits for all skin and hair types. The cold-press process keeps bioactive constituents, especially phenolic compounds, intact for exceptional antioxidant content.

Passion Fruit Seed Oil also has a high Vitamin C content that can help neutralize free radical damage to the skin's surface. Many use this Vitamin C as an integral part of their daily skincare routine.


USDA Organic Certified 100% Passion Fruit Seed Oil. Cold / Expeller-pressed. Raw (Unrefined). Fair Trade, Wild-Harvested and Produced by Candela Peru.


Passion Fruit Seed Oil is a high-performance natural skin-care ingredient or natural serum for everyday use and all skin types to keep skin healthy and radiant. Do not ingest.


Candela Peru is a Fair Trade producer of Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil. Purchases of their product helps protect the Amazon against deforestation as a high-value, regenerating, wild-collected, non-timber forest product. Their wild-harvest and fair-trade operations promote Amazonian conservation and sustainable employment.


This product is processed in a factory that has HACCP and UEBT certifications, USDA Organic Certification, RTPO (Peruvian technical regulations organic), NOP and EU organic certifications. Candela Peru is also a certified member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive Organic

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