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Home Decor > Shelf Sitters > Soapstone Mermaid Figurines

Soapstone Mermaid Figurines (Large White & Small Gray) Crafted by Artisans in Haiti
Soapstone Mermaid Figurines (Large White & Small Gray)
Crafted by Artisans in Haiti

Additional images:

Small Gray Soapstone Mermaid Figurine
Measures - 7'' high x 2 1/4'' wide x 3/1/2'' deep
Crafted by Artisans in Haiti
Back Side of Soapstone Mermaid Figurines
Crafted by Artisans in Haiti
Large White Soapstone Mermaid Figurine
Measures - 9 1/4'' high x 2 5/8'' wide x 4 5/8'' deep
Crafted by Artisans in Haiti

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Artisan Business Network

Empowering Haiti's Artisan Culture to Improve Community Wellbeing

ABN:Artisan-1 Haiti is often considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Haitian artisans live in a country where the political climate and hardships imposed by economic embargos and sanctions in the 1990's have contributed to poverty and accelerated environmental degradation. Health care and education are unobtainable dreams for the impoverished 75-80% majority. The average income is $55. per month. Only 40% of the population has access to potable drinking water and 25% have access to sanitary sewage systems. Infant mortality is over 7%, malnutrition is a common ailment, and almost half of the population is illiterate.

Despite this adversity there is hope. The Artisan Business Network (ABN) empowers Haitians with entrepreneurial tools, design input, and market access. The ABN is making essential improvements the earnings or artisans, helping them to provide for their families and community wellbeing through commerce based in Haiti's profound artisanal culture.

Soapstone Mermaid Figurines
crafted by Artisans Haiti

Small Grey
Soapstone Mermaid Figurine
   Funds 12 meals


Large White
Soapstone Mermaid Figurin
   Funds 16 meals


If you swim with the mermaids, you will love our hand carved white or grey soapstone mermaids. The stone is soaked in water to make it easier to handle. It then is hammered, chiseled and filed to get the right lines. This process could take hours depending on the piece they are creating. They then sand and buff to get the soft luster on the pieces.

  • Large White Figurine Measures - 9-1/4'' high x 2-5/8'' wide x 4-5/8'' deep
  • Small Gray Figurine Measures - 7'' high x 2-1/4'' wide x 3-1/2'' deep

Handmade in Haiti and fair trade imported.  

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive Organic
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