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One World Projects - Uniting the World Through Compassionate Trade. Offering the world Fair Trade Handmade Gifts!
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Blue Flower Block Print Cotton Scarves  
Price: $30.00
Only 9 In Stock
Brown Flower Block Print Cotton Scarves  
Price: $30.00
Burgundy Flower Block Print Cotton Scarves  
Price: $30.00
Only 3 In Stock
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Our beautiful block print cotton scarves are light weight and breathable. They offer fasion at its finest.

Ajrakh is an ancient form of textile production in western India that goes back over four thousand years to the early civilizations of the Indust Valley. The art derives its name from the Hindi Phrase A aj ke din rakh or 'keep it for the day,' because each stage of the process involves many days. 

It is a laborious but intricate craft, which Indian artisans have been doing for centuries. There are between 14-16 different stages of dying and printing, which take 14-21 days to complete. Tradition teaches that the longer an artisan waits before beginning the next step, the more eye-catching the final print will be. Dr. Ismael Mohammad Khatri is world renowned as a master of the Ajrakh block printing, as he continues the craft that can be traced back nine generations in his family. As owner of a fair trade workshop, he ensures that his employees receive fair wages and steady work. He has won the UNESCO Award of Excellence for handicrafts.


  • Scarves Measure - 72" long x 22" wide


Handmade in India and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive

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