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One World Projects - Uniting the World Through Compassionate Trade. Offering the world Fair Trade Handmade Gifts!
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One World Projects – Fact Sheet

  • One World Projects (OWP) is a U.S.-based player in the fair trade industry, dedicated to the triple mission of social responsibility, economic empowerment, and environmental conservation. 
  • OWP was founded by Phil Smith in 1992 with the original mission of using economic empowerment to prevent rain forest destruction.
  • OWP’s current network of artisans includes 11,000-plus individuals from artisan groups in more than 25 developing nations in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
  • Artisans create handbags, jewelry, clothing, household goods, fashion accessories, toys, and other gifts which are imported and distributed by OWP to wholesale buyers and consumers in the United States.
  • OWP works to improve the communities of artisans by ensuring adequate access to basic necessities, opening new markets for products, refining artistic and technical skills, and improving environmental conservation. They have coined the phrase “Compassionate Trade” to describe this dedication to doing more than simply paying a living wage for products.
  • Well-known retailers of OWP products include Green Mountain Coffee, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Awards for OWP products include the 2009 Award for Excellence in Product Design from the Fair Trade Federation and the Star Award at the 2009 California Gift Show, which recognized its recycled plastic handbags as one of the best new products of 2009.
  • Major media placement includes a spot on the Today Show featuring hand-painted Ayacucho Peruvian Piggy Banks.
  • Since its creation, OWP has returned over $6 million to disadvantaged communities around the world.
  • OWP is certified by the Fair Trade Federation and Green America and a member of the Fair Trade Association, Social Venture Network, and the Crafts Center.
  • OWP is based out of Batavia, NY.

Phone: 1-585-343-4490

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