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Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Available in many colors - Dimensions 7mm x 7mm w/ 1.5mm hole
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Amber - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Avocado - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Blue - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Brown - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Burgundy - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Coffee - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Green - 7mm
Tagua Cube Beads from Ecuador
Rose - 7mm
Naya Nayon Artisan Story

A Tagua TreeNaya Nayon, an Ecuador-based NGO, counters poverty and deforestation by creating new jobs that depend on conservation and responsible forest management. To accomplish this goal, the company works with 23 local artisans to create figurines, jewelry and ornaments from tagua nuts. These nuts grow year-round in Ecuador and can be harvested without detriment to the rainforest. Naya Nayon gives its artisans all the training, tools and materials they need to work from home, and then manages work distribution from the organizations main office to make sure orders are fairly distributed.


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When you first pick up one of our cubed beads you think "these are wood" but their not, these are tagua. Tagua is a rainforest nut commonly called "Vegetable Ivory" for it's likeness to animal ivory. If your a jewelry designer, creating with our tagua beads, they would make a unique piece in any ones collection. We sell our beads individually so if you need a precise number of beads or a certain color this is your ticket, or if you need large quantities thats not a problem for us. We carry many colors and styles of beads and are adding new styles everyday.

  • Measures 7mm w/ 1.5 mm Hole

Natural tagua beads handmade in Ecuador and fair trade imported.

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