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Arte Tropic

Artetropic, a collective of artisan associations in the coca growing region of Chimore, Bolivia, came together as part of an effort to fill the unemployment gap created as the country began eradicating coac crops. The group provides work for more than 600 families, and especially for woman, who typically earn half the pay of men. The artisans specialize in high quality and often whimsical products from a palm fiber know as jipijapa, (pronounced "hippy hoppa"), the wild palm used to make the famous "Panama Hats" worn in Casablanca, Using just the most pliable jipijapa leaves, which allows the plant to regenerate, they create wonderful bugs, flowers, and Christmas ornaments.

Large Jipi Japa Ant Figurine  
Price: $10.00
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Medium Jipi Japa Ant Figurine  
Price: $8.50
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These delightful woven animals come from Chimore, Bolivia, an area the size of Connecticut and a prime coca growing region. Jipijapa (pronounced "hippy hoppa") is a renewable, wild palm typically found in the humid, tropical zones in Latin America. Its long-stalked, fanlike leaves are perfect for making handicrafts. Jipijapa plants were also used to make the famous "Panama hats" worn on the set of Casablanca.

Crafting Jipijapa ornaments provides an economic alternative to coca production. Artetropic, an artisan group supporting this project, provides work for hundreds of Bolivian women who earn, on average, less than half that of the men.


  • Large Measures - 3'' high x 4 1/2'' wide x 1 1/4'' diameter
  • Medium Measures - 2'' high x 3 1/2'' wide x 1 1/4'' diameter


Handmade in Bolivia and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive

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