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Small and Medium Cinnamon Bark Boxes crafted by Artisans in Vietnam
Are available with 3 ounces of powdered cinnamon
OM Box Lid made from Cinnamon Wood crafted by Artisans in Vietnam
Au Lac Design's Artisan Story

Yen Bai 267x187

Yen Bai, in the mountainous north central province of Vietnam is well known for its terraced fields of rice, mines of marble stone, and for its forests of cinnamon trees. Here in Yen Bai, many families work together harvesting cinnamon bark and follow a tradition of making crafts that has been handed down for generations.

Small OM Cinnamon Box  
Price: $ 19.00
Powder - 3oz. Cinnamon  
Price: $ 3.00
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Made entirely from cinnamon bark, these boxes are traditionally used to store and keep loose tea fresh, or as gift boxes. The fragrance of cinnamon has numerous beneficial properties making it popular with many aromatherapist. Because of its pleasant, warm, and strong aroma, cinnamon is often an ingredient in many potpourris and room fresheners.

This small cylindrical box with the mystical and sacred "OM" symbol carved on the lid is an excellent curio for keeps. OM is a symbol widely used in Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions, symbolising the three stages of life, birth, and death and in some a singular God. The Cassia or cinnamon trees that are used to produce these boxes are a renewable resource and sustainably harvested. Let the soothing fragrance of cinnamon and the OM symbol together create an aura of peace and quiet around you. 

  • Measures 3” high x 2 7/8” diameter
  • Also available with 3 oz. of Cinnamon Powder

Handmade in Vietnam and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive Organic

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