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All of our products are Fair Trade
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Cow Cotton and String Doodads
Crafted by Artisans in Colombia
Measures 3-1/2” high with variable dimensions
Duck Cotton and String Doodad
Crafted by Artisans in Colombia
Measures 2-1/4” high with variable dimensions
Goat Cotton and String Doodads
Crafted by Artisans in Colombia
Measures 3” high with variable dimensions
Sheep Cotton and String Doodads
Crafted by Artisans in Colombia
Measure 2-1/2” high with variable dimensions
Piel Acida - Cotton & Wire
Artisan Profile









Marisol Medina used her creativity and love for animals to craft handmade wildlife creatures. She began her work with wire and cotton in Tabio, a small village 60kms from Bogotá in Colombia. Starting with readily available raw materials, and struggling through various challenges typical of a small business/enterprise, Marisol soon enhanced her techniques and the business as the demand for the product grew in the market. She began with participating at the annual national fair which takes place in Bogotá once every year. This is where Marisol was introduced to her first set of wholesale and retail clients.

Cat Doodad Ornament  
Price: $ 8.00
Only 7 In Stock
Cow Doodad Ornament  
Price: $ 8.00
Only 9 In Stock
Duck Doodad Ornament  
Price: $ 8.00
Goat Doodad Ornament  
Price: $ 8.00
Only 8 In Stock
Sheep Doodad Ornament  
Price: $ 8.00
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Ring in the holidays with these fun, hand crafted animal ornaments. Available in an assortment of domestic farm animals, collect all of them to add color to your Christmas tree. These cotton and wire animals are flexible and are meant to be twisted and shaped into various forms. 

Marisol Medina and local women from the small village of Tabio, Colombia nimbly wrap cotton yarn around wire frames to create these adorable animals. Through training and employment, Marisol's center has created a steady source of income and empowerment for tens of artisans in Colombia.

  • Each measures 2" to 3-1/2” high with variable dimensions
  • All dimensions are variable because these items are flexible and can be formed into various positions

Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive

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