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TK Glass Beads

Each mud fire pit can hold about 50 molds (3 beads/mold) to create about 150 beads. This process enables them to make about 21 necklaces per day.

About 40 people work at this workshop which is located about an hour outside the capital of Accra in a very nice rural setting. The owner and founder of the group is a woman named Florence Asare. Although it is traditional for men to smash, fire, mold and paint the beads, the women are in charge of creating the designs, producing the product and handle most of the sales and marketing. Below is a photo of the sales manager inside the workshop showroom.



Wide Glass Bead Bracelets  
Price: $ 9.00
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These colorful and unique glass bead bracelets are handmade by recycling glass, such as the blue bottles seen below. The African artisans creating these bracelets melt down used glass bottles, and then fire the new beads in mud brick ovens.

  • Wide Bracelets measure roughly 3" in Diameter


Handmade and Fair Trade Imported from Ghana.