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Black and White or Colored Caña Flecha Hoop Thick Earrings
Crafted by Artisans in Colombia
Black and White or Colored Caña Flecha Hoop Thin Earrings
Crafted by Artisans in Colombia
MG - Joyeria Semilla

Joyeria Semilla’s mission is three-fold; to create new jobs, to revive this community’s quickly disappearing handicrafts sector, and to motivate locals to better manage their natural resources. The company accomplishes this goal by training artisans to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings using seeds from the plants and trees found in the area. While all materials used are renewable, Joyeria Semilla takes special care to purchase seeds from trees that don’t appear to have any commercial value. These trees are often cut down or mismanaged, and have some have even become endangered species because nobody values or harvests them. Since Joyeria Semilla began to buy seeds from these underappreciated plants, local villagers have begun to reassess their value, and no longer cut them down at random or use them for firewood.

Price: $11.00
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This assortment of chic natural fiber earrings are made from Caña Flecha, a sugar cane like plant that can only be found along the coastal regions of Colombia, South America. The thin stalk-like leaves are cultivated and used in a processes and technique that date back to the 1500's and weaves them into various geometric patterns creating these unique earrings.

  • Thick Measures (small) 1 1/2'' diameter x 1/4'' wide 
  •                       (medium) 1 7/8'' diameter x 1/4'' wide
  •                       (large) 2'' diameter x 1/4'' wide
  • Thin Measures (small) 1 1/8'' diameter x 1/8'' wide
  •                      (medium)1 3/8'' diameter x 1/8'' wide
  •                      (large) 2'' diameter x 1/8'' wide

Handmade in Colombia and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade Eco-Positive
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