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Turkmen Women Active Rights Association Artisan Story


The Turkmen Women’s Active Rights Association (TWARA) was conceived in 2002. With a mission to empower women and educate them about their legal rights, TWARA started work with the backward and marginalized Turkmen tribes of northern Afghanistan. TWARA works towards providing these communities with a strong economic and social structure. The organization has helped in establishing schools and health centers in the region. The members of TWARA also provide women with information about women rights and legal awareness.

Pink 13 Stone Necklaces  
Price: $ 18.00
Only 3 In Stock
Blue 15 Stone Necklaces  
Price: $ 18.00
Only 2 In Stock
Pink 15 Stone Necklaces  
Price: $ 18.00
Only 1 In Stock
Pink 19 Stone Necklaces  
Price: $ 20.00
Only 1 In Stock
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These necklaces are made of stone from Afghanistan. Their handmade by Turkmens Women Activities. The stone beads are polished to give them a beautiful luster. The dark blue stones are lapis, the light blue stones are turquoise, the orange stones are carnelian, the white beads are river pearls. Our stone and pearls are genuine and found in Afghanistan. 


  • Dark Blue Stone - Lapis
  • Light Blue - Turquoise
  • Orange - Carnelian
  • White - River Pearls
  • Necklaces Measure - 16'' long x 1/8'' wide
  • S hook closure


Handmade in Afghanistan and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade

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