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Additional images:
Santa in His Sleigh Gourd Ornament - Natural Color
Back Side w/ Reindeer - crafted by Artisans in Peru
Santa in His Sleigh Gourd Ornament - Black Color
Back Side w/ Reindeer - crafted by Artisans in Peru
Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer Gourd Ornament - Black
crafted by Artisans in Peru
Artesanias Peru - Esperanza and Raquel Artisan Story


Cochas Chico and Coches Grande, twin farming villages nestled in the Andean mountains of Huancayo Peru, are home to a rich tradition of gourd carving. It's also home to Esperanza Palomino and Raquel Sabastian Rojas, two women who have established small fair-trade businesses to help create new jobs for the artisans in their village. Besides creating new jobs for artisans aged ten to sixty, both women manage work distribution from the main office to give priority to the families with the greatest need.

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$ 13.00
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If we assume that Santa, to visit everyone's home, has to travel approximately 317,000,000 miles in just 32 hours (taking into account the difference in time zones), then those reindeer are traveling at 1,800 miles per second all night long, and without a bathroom break. Wow...that's something to think about. He must have a sleigh-mounted present launcher to shoot the gifts down the chimneys.

This cute gourd with the white-bearded Santa sitting in a sleigh and his reindeer on the other side pulling it through the sky, is available in both Natural and Black.

Gourd Carving is a traditional craft of the high Andean Mountains of Peru. Each gourd is skinned, cleaned, and sun-dried before artisans etch and burn the intricate designs that adorn its surface. Gourds are also a natural and uniquely shaped vegetable, similar to a pumpkin or a squash. As such, designs, shape and dimensions will vary slightly.

  • Measures approximately 2-1/2” high x 2-1/4” diameter

Handmade, carved, and etched by artisans in Peru and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade

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