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Manos Amigas Artisan Story

artisan-2_173x219Peru’s native Shipibo tribes are known for their strong cultural heritage, unique cosmology and their unmistakable ceramic arts. Unfortunately, Shipibo villagers also suffer from extreme poverty, and most live without access to basic education and medical care in poor villages along the Río Ucayali, a tributary of the Amazon River. Manos Amigas (Friendly Hands) works with the Shipibo villagers to develop their traditional craft and helps export their vases, sculpture and ornaments to the United States and Europe. Manos Amigas also offers free courses in design, accounting and business marketing and helps artisans identify new markets for their crafts.

Penguin Egg Shell Ornament  
Price: $11.00
Snowman Egg Shell Ornament  
Price: $11.00
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A Snow Penguin is on an adventure in the frozen Antarctic when he runs across Mr. Snowman. He says to Mr. Snowman, "Hey mister Snowman, lend me your ear, there's things I need to talk about and I want you to hear, I'm feeling kind of sad and I could do with some cheer."

Put them both on your Christmas tree, side by side, so that Mr. Snowman can bring cheer to Snow Penguin and he won't be sad anymore.

These painted egg shell ornaments are handmade by artisans from Manos Amigas in Peru. It would look great on your Christmas or make a unique gift to give to someone at Christmas time. 

  • Measures approximately 2-1/4" high x 1-3/4" diameter

Handmade in Peru and fair trade imported.

Compassionate Trade

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