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One World Projects - Uniting the World Through Compassionate Trade. Offering the world Fair Trade Handmade Gifts!
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Welcome To One World Projects' Affiliate Program

We invite you to join the One World Projects' affiliate program and partner with us in supporting indviduals and communities around the world to be self-sustainable while extending the vision of your own website.

We encourage you to explore some of our unique products, read about the artisans and browse through the photos of them, their families and communities so you can connect with them on a deeper level and know just how much your participation in our affiliate program will impact their lives. By creating new outlets to sell their wonderful creations, many artists have been able to overcome economic challenges and we are grateful for businesses such as yours for making this possible.

We realize that in order to reach the goals set forth in our mission, we can't do it alone. The One World Projects' Affiliate Program is an important part of our own- and our artisans' - future. Our team is dedicated to creating the best and the most prosperous relationships possible so that everyone benefits and, of course, your participation is important to the benefits you receive as well.

The affiliate program allows you to generate income without any cost or obligation on your part. It's free and easy to join! The only thing you need is to operate or own a website to be a part of this Affiliate Program. Just apply, link to our website, (via special HTML codes provided by us), refer customers who buy on our site and GET PAID!

You will be rewarded by earning a 10% commission on all items purchased by visitors referred to us from your web site or email campaign.

Once you sign up for our Affiliate Program, you will be assigned a unique Affiliate ID Number and be given a unique link which is used to identify your affiliate referrals when you promote the site. Everyone who clicks through the affiliate link from your website or email campaign will carry your Affiliate ID Number with them and their purchases will be logged in your Affiliate Account.

As soon as the orders for One World Projects' products start coming in from referrals on your site, you make money. We handle the order, shipment and billing. And pay you a 10% commission for the sale. The more referrals you make to our website that turn into customers who buy our products, the more money you make!

Sign up to be an Affiliate below:
(you will need to be logged-in in order to sign up for the Affiliate Program, the link below will direct you to the login page if you are not currently logged-in, if you still need to create a user account you can also do this by following the link)

Affiliate Application

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