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Drop Shipping

Currently, One World projects (OWP) offers two different dropship options: 

Product Promotion

This is the most common dropship scenario; you post images and sell OWP products from your website. In this case you are managing the transaction (billing the customer’s credit card, collecting payment, etc. ) and OWP simply ships the purchase to the customer. Under this scenario, you do NOT own the inventory, you are simply promoting it. Because OWP purchases and warehouses the inventory you are in effect selling it “on consignment”, so OWP will bill you for the wholesale price plus 25%. Wholesale is generally 50% of retail. Example: If you sell an item to your customer at a $50 retail price we will bill you $25 + $6.25. Under this scenario you would make $18.75 (a margin of 37.5%). Because we also have a real cost of doing the shipping (packaging and what UPS or USPS charges us), we will also bill you for the shipping & handling. This is a cost that is typically passed on to your customer and should not affect your profit. It is important to evaluate each item you are promoting because a piece of jewelry has a very different shipping cost than a large piece of pottery. Since this will be calculated upfront, you will know the correct amount to charge your customer.

Product Purchase and Promotion

With this option you pre-purchase the inventory at the wholesale price but it remains in our warehouse. Under this scenario, you avoid the potential problem of us selling out of a product that is promoted on your website because you own the inventory and as a result you can track your own inventory levels. Using this option we will bill you at the wholesale price plus 15%. Example: If you sell an item to your customer at a $50 retail price we will bill you $25 + $3.75. Under this scenario you would make $21.25 (a margin of 42.5%). The same fees described above regarding shipping and handling still apply.

To be a drop ship partner, you need to complete the drop ship application from and fax or e-mail a completed copy back to us. Having clicked on the above link you will be directed to a screen with the application form.

You then have a few options: 1) Complete the form online, and then print it using the the Save As PDF option. 2) Use the Open in Acrobat option, this will download the form to your computer where you can complete it. 3) Use the Download Option ** but be aware this will only download a blank form; if you fill it out online, it will not download the completed form. **

Before sending us your form, make certain that the .pdf file that you are sending has the information that you entered. We will confirm receipt and process further within two business days.

If you have any kind of drop shipping related questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail for additional information. We will be glad to assist you and welcome you as a partner.

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