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Food For Orphans™

Since our foundation in 1992, One World Projects has played an active role in addressing problems of world hunger and poverty. To that end we have focused on Fair Trade. We support independent businesses whch illustrate compassion towards workers, communities, and the environment. Today, many villages have successfully worked their way to a better life in all ways: from food and water to education and housing. And we are happy to see their development.

It would be unwise to forget in light of these good changes that many are still left out, who are not helped by our efforts in Fair Trade. In an effort to remember this, we are excited to extend our good will yet farther.

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Orphans lacking food will now be donated 10% of every purchase. Food For Orphans was founded in 2007 by Gary VanDyke with a simple mission, “to make sure that every orphan receives at least one nutritious meal per day.”

Over the past decade, Food For Orphans has sought out orphans with caregivers who have plenty of compassion and respect but lack the means to provide the enough food. Food For Orphans now supplies caregivers in Central African Republic, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Kenya, Swaziland, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Myanmar and India. Several programs target more complicated aspects, such as support for those who adopt orphans in the United States as a solution to foster care; “Back Door Meals” which a caregiver can offer to homeless orphans rather than just feeding their residence; and efforts made to source food locally to support the communities in which the these children will one day support themselves.

That is why we are proud to extend our good will to this charitable endeavor. With the efforts of the folks at Food For Orphans, the hard work of international artisans and aspiring orphans, and your support, we are developing towards a world with equality, communication, a healthy environment and without hunger.

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